Tasting, living, and breathing wine, walking in the vineyards where people and land are constantly communicating with each other. With our Wine Experiences we will let you to discover our wines with tastings and sophisticated combinations , giving you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience .

la dispensa

La Dispensa is where the many excellences of our farm are interpreted by Cilentan housewives, custodians of ancient recipes and traditions. And is also where you can find Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, yogurt and creamy desserts that we produce only with the milk of our herd.

i tre olivi

The Tre Olivi more than a starred restaurant it is an idea of gastronomy; a perfect combination of the concept of perfection expressed by the number three and the olive, the plant so dear to the ancient Greeks it was considered sacred. And it is also the realisation of a dream, of the commitment and tenacity of Giuseppe and Salvatore, father and son, in creating a concept restaurant filled with inspiration and vision, brought to life by the talent of chef Giovanni Solofra.